Gift Guide Series 2: Surving the Winter!

Photo by Fabian Mardi on Unsplash

In the UK, Winter lasts from November-March, and our weather aint that great in the other months too! But we all need new items to take us into the new year! Here are our top gifts for surviving in the cold! (Click on pictures to get specific links!)

Aren't these hand warmers adorable? They'd suit all ages! In relation to Chronic Illness, the cold can have a massive effect on pain. Take Chronic Pelvic Pain. Cold Weather can cause the pelvis to become more stiff, and cause pain up the spine and inside the abdomen! Having some cute little hand warmers, would make a great gift to say you care about their warmth!

And from the same shop, why not a cute Fox hottie? A hottie is a product you put in the microwave for a few minutes to heat up and then give it a snuggle! This Fox one is majorly adorable, and good for all genders!

Hat, Gloves, Scarf Three Piece Set (Younger)Ted Baker Bowsii Black Leather Bod Detail GlovesThinsulate® Hats Two Pack

Obviously we all need a good hat, scarves and gloves! The best type are leather/good fluffy ones of course! We all need to cover up in this weather, especially anyone who has chest conditions! Did you know wearing a scarf as an asthmatic, gives you more protection in the winter as the cold can't pass through your chest? Having an open chest, allows the cold to "attach" to your skin, creating chest infections and more!

Chunky Breckon Ochre Throw

Blankets and Throws have been a big thing in the home scene this year, and you can get some good quality ones that aren't just for staring at! I love the one above personally because it's thick and good for when you don't want a massive duvet! But you can get some good cheaper ones in places and can snuggle up while watching a film!

What products do you recommend for these extra cold nights? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. I'm all for hot water bottles, snuggly dressing gowns for inside and ear muffs for outside