Guest Posters Wanted!

What is a guest blogger?
A guest blogger is another blogger who writes an article but shares it on another blog. Or it can be an old post that links to the other blog's focus. As our focus, we would prefer people with chronic illnesses, or those around themto be our guest blogger!

How it Works:
  • Contact us via email (chronicallypos@gmail.com) with the subject "Guest Blogger"
  • Pitch what you would like the post to be about. We can also send you some ideas of what we'd love to see more of too, just ask!
  • It doesn't have to be an original post, but it much preferred to be unique!
  • Include ONE picture. You don't have to, we can always provide one but it helps!
  • Always include your links where appropriate (hyperlinked). It's not only beneficial for you, but is always helpful for us.
  • Please spell check before sending us it, it saves us a lot of time too!
Perks of working with us:
  • We share all our blog posts in our groups which have a lot of non-bloggers willing to read!
  • We have a mass growing on social media (nearly 10k)
  • We're completely open to anything.
Some topics our audience love:
  • Effects of chronic illness on loved ones
  • Doing things you love while ill
  • Your diagnosis story
  • Working from home with chronic illness
  • Self Care tips/advice
  • Experience in work/education

Any questions, just ask in an email!

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