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As those who like our facebook page or follow our instagram, will know, is that we asked for people to get in touch and share their stories with us. This is because September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month, and in 2 weeks, starts Invisible Illness Awareness Week!
Here’s one of our stories sent in by a teenager called Aster, written by her about her endeavors!
Hi! my name is Aster and I am a teenager with two rare invisible illnesses.
My story started when I was about twelve. One day my shoulder started hurting and popping more than it should have. Then it was my knee, then my foot, etc. I also had started passing out regularly. My mom made a doctor’s appointment, which lead to another appointment, and another, until I was finally sitting in a geneticist’s office. He diagnosed me very quickly with Elhers-Danlos Syndrome and POTS.
Ehlers-Danlos is a chronic (means it never goes away) connective tissue disorder. My body basically produces faulty collagen (the glue that holds your body together), which is causing my body to fall apart at the seams (slight exaggeration). POTS, or autonomic dysfunction, is a chronic condition that means blood is pooling in my feet when I sit, and then my heart is having to work extra hard to get it back up to my brain. This results in a higher heart rate, which can lead to dizziness and passing out.
I am slowly learning to adjust to my new normal. Both of these illnesses can change or flare every day, making regular life almost impossible. On top of this, they are both completely invisible. It was definitely fun trying to explain this to my friends. I am so grateful, however, of the support that they have given me. Through it all, my friends, my family, and of course the Lord, have been there for me. And that is what makes all of this bearable.
Aster can be found on instagram to see more!

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