Feature: Katrina's Story

“I have shed many a tear over my back, and many an angry tear.”

I have always been told to appreciate life, to appreciate what I have, because anything can change at any moment.  Never has that been more true, when one day in November 2010, my life changed in a split second.
My back and spine decided to give up on me, without warning, resulting in 1 failed discectomy and 4 failed spinal injections.  A further spinal operation was a success, but has left me with reduced mobility and a host of other problems.  Degenerative Disc Disease, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, enlarged facet joints, facet joint arthritis, to name but a few.
I have shed many a tear over my back, and many an angry tear.  I’ve also had dark depressive thoughts.  I’ve lost a life which I’m still grieving for, and still learning to adapt to the new one suddenly given to me.   I smile every day, even through the invisible pain and tears, because I am determined to live my life as best I can.  I have to keep going, even though I struggle every day.  I am not giving up without a fight.

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