Feature: Rachel's Story

Here’s one of our stories sent in by a Rachel, written by her on her experience with IC!

Hello lovelies, my name is Rachel. I am a 22 year old social worker. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome 10 years ago, and I was also diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis earlier this year. Needless to say my lower abdomen is a bit of a battlefield for me. I never quite know the day I have ahead of me with my unruly organs
I am young and have social expectations thrown at me often. Things such as partying, frequent socializing, or socializing for long periods of times. This is not always possible as I am constantly fatigued, would probably rather be under a heating pad, or I am busy using the bathroom up to 60 times a day. This list of invisible symptoms often leaves me feeling isolated and unsociable.I often look very put together and give all the energy I have, so people are usually shocked to hear that I have two chronic illnesses.I am often told that I "don't look sick" or they "hope I recovery soon." I am a master at hiding my pain, because I have always had to. I also will never recover. I sometimes throw some sass and suggest looking up the word 'chronic' in a dictionary.

It is a daily fight to get through my day of work and get into bed with out completely being washed over in pain. As I mentioned earlier, my stomach bares a lot of pain and stress. I can distend several inches daily. It has always been a body part that I have tried to hide and ignore. I recently tattooed my belly as a peace offering with myself. I am working on loving me. I mean all of me, flaws, illnesses, and all.
All of you are spoonie babes and I hope we all find the peace and healing we need.
xoxo Rachel
You can find Rachel on  @babyyshark

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